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15 Gorgeous Succulent Garden Ideas You Can Easily DIY

succulent garden ideas

Succulents are so easy to put together and keep alive. That’s why they make for a great DIY succulent garden. Because they aren’t hard to maintain, and they come in all types of beautiful colors, sizes, patterns, and textures that can make for an interesting garden. But sometimes we’re at a loss for inspiration. Or […]


33 Gorgeous Succulent Planter Ideas To Vamp Up Your Living Space

succulent planter ideas

Succulents aren’t only pretty plants they’re also very easy to keep alive. This means if you don’t have a green thumb, then getting a few succulents is a great place to start. They make awesome indoor plants because they don’t need that much sunlight or water and are as low maintenance as they come. They’re […]


11 Habits For Beautiful Skin That Stands The Test Of Time (And Acne)

The biggest reason why most of us aren’t willing to take care of our skin is we don’t see the payoff right away. We’ll often try to use ‘get-better-skin-quick’ creams, lotions, and tactics that in the long run don’t do much for us. As we age, the best skin is the skin we’ve taken good […]


5 Home Decor Rules To Help You Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer

First things first, you DON’T have to be an interior designer to know how to take your space from blah to inviting and gorgeous. You also don’t have to end up broke to get there either. The days where you had to have serious money to invest in halfway decent decoration for your living space […]


21 FREE Adult Coloring Pages To Color For Stress Relieving Self-Care

free adult coloring pages

A totally free and easy way to enjoy some self-care time is to color in your favorite coloring pages. You can download and print them instantly and can be coloring in no time. Sometimes, we just need some off time where we aren’t thinking too hard or worrying about our to-do lists. And coloring, though […]


How To Finally Get Up Early And Stick To A Morning Routine

Everyone seems to be obsessed with creating the perfect morning routine. Productivity and self-help authors swear by them, and billionaires seem to have theirs asked about on the regular. In the end, though they might seem over hyped, they’re are asked about over and over again for good reason. Because no matter what new rule […]


The 5 M’s of Weekend Habits Worth Sticking To For A Better Week

The weekend. Ah, yes. As we know it is full of free time, lazying around, movies, eating (lots of eating) and hopefully time with your loved ones too. It’s the time where we don’t have to think too hard about things, stick to a schedule, or work under deadlines. And that’s the beauty of it. […]


11 Inspiring Women’s Lifestyle Blogs That Are Totally Worth Following

It’s always cool to be able to share ideas and ways of life. And it seems like a blog is the perfect way to do that.  There’s no telling what you’ll find that can inspire you, ignite a new idea, or even show you something new that you didn’t know before.  That’s why women’s lifestyle […]


10 Healthy Snacks That Perfectly Satisfy Your Sugary Junk Food Cravings

Peanut butter and strawberries instead of… Reese’s cups or anything that’s candy with a hint of peanut butter added. Sometimes we just want that creamy nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness and texture. Replacing that with some strawberries and peanut butter over your favorite crackers can do the trick. Naan and fruit toppings instead […]


7 Easy Beauty Hacks That Involve NO Hair And Makeup You Should Embrace

beauty hacks

Usually when you look up beauty hack ideas you’ll find TONS of ideas on how to do your makeup better or how to make sure your ponytail is on point. And while those life hacks can come in handy on any given day you need to use them, there are also more subtler beauty hacks […]