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11 Self-Care Habits You Need To Reach Your Life’s Biggest Goals

how to take care of yourself

Self-care is just another word we give to allowing ourselves to take meaningful breaks when we need them the most. And thankfully, this looks different for everyone. Which means that in a lot of ways you get to define what self care means to you. Even still, it’s good to remember that there are a […]


9 Ways To Make Sure Your House Always Smells Amazing

how to make your house smell good

Homes can smell funky more often than not. And while that’s not by choice, that funk tends to stay. Unless you do something about it.  And yayy for the fact that there are quite a few somethings you can do about it. While being an overall clean and organized person helps in general, there are […]


25 Amazing Cake Ideas For Your Next Party

cake ideas for party

If you want to take a lot at art, just take a look at all these gorgeous cakes. It makes you wonder if you shouldn’t have a cake centerpiece for every table at your party. A girl can dream! While you might only get one (or two if you’re lucky) perfect cake for your next […]


31+ Unicorn Party Ideas For A PERFECT Sparkly Party You’ll Love

unicorn birthday party ideas

If you love sparkles, magic, and lots of color, then throwing a unicorn themed party is pretty much a no-brainer! And you don’t need to be a party decorating genius to come up with the perfect unicorn party because there are lots and lots of unicorn party ideas out there that you can use for […]


17 DELICIOUS Keto Desserts You Need To Add To Your List

dessert ideas

The keto diet is all the craze right now and for good reason. You can get really good positive results from the diet that a lot of people swear by. And either way, its always a good idea to cut out gluten wherever you can whether you’re dieting or not. But if you are on […]


25 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Are Perfect For Breakfast

healthy smoothie recipes

Hands down, there’s nothing like a healthy and oh so sweet smoothie recipe to start your mornings. They’re filling, healthy, and give you that sweet kick of goodness in the morning you need to wake up. Healthy smoothie recipes are all over the place, and there are endless combinations you can make. Including chia seed, […]


Ikea Hacks: 57+ Gorgeous DIY Ideas To Step Up Your Decor Game

ikea hacks

Ikea hacks can be life changing. Ok, maybe not like THAT. But have you seen some of the before and afters of these DIY projects that everyone is doing with ikea furniture? Some of them seem too good to be true, and they often end up looking better than anything you could ever get at […]


35+ CREATIVE Grilled Cheese Recipes You Simply Can’t Ignore

grilled cheese ideas

Adult grilled cheese is the next best thing you haven’t tried yet. At some point, you’ve gotta say goodbye to the usual American Cheese and toast concoction and say hello to something new, to creative grilled cheese recipes, to be exact. Some of these recipes look sooo good you almost want to reach out and […]


Beauty Hacks: 31 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

beauty hacks,

Ah beauty hacks, how we love thee. They make your life easier and help you get ready in a fraction of the time that it would take you otherwise. You really can’t say if you’re a fan of beauty hacks unless you’ve tried a couple (hopefully this list will help with that!) Looking gorgeous and […]


Crafts To Make And Sell: 81 Gorgeous Craft Ideas For Your Shop You Can Start Making Right Now

crafts you can make and sell for extra money

Learning about crafts to make and sell can be a great way to start getting creative and making money off your favorite hobby: making pretty things! Now, the question becomes, what exactly can I make that people will like? Well, for that there are a ton of answers, 81 of which we’ve compiled here to […]