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Canvas Painting Ideas: 29 Beautiful Ways To Make Wall Art Even If You Aren’t Artistic

canvas painting ideas

Sometimes the same old wall decorations just won’t cut it. Enter canvas painting ideas and wall art. Yup. Homemade wall art can be a great way to decorate just about any apartment, home, bedroom, dorm room, living room…you name it, chances are it’ll look great with some wall art you made yourself! The great thing […]


15 Hard To Kill Hanging Plants That’ll Make Your Home Instantly Beautiful

Keeping indoor plants alive can be intimidating. But hard-to-kill hanging plants can help make it less scary to keep beautiful indoor plants in your home. Hands down, any plant you add to just about any place adds natural life, color, and personality. Its one of the easiest home decor ideas out there that doesn’t cost […]


Bullet Journal Key: 13 Key Ways To Organize Your Bullet Journal Like A Pro

bullet journal key

One of the best things about bullet journals is how effective they are in helping you organize your life.  They’re great for helping you reach your goals and keeping you on track when you’re trying to create better habits. These are only some of the benefits of a bullet journal. There’s lots more. Now, if […]


23 DIY Sugar Scrubs For Refreshingly Smooth Skin You MUST Try

sugar scrub recipes

Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive skin treatments? Make a DIY sugar scrub to get rid of all those dead skin cells like a total expert. You DON’T have to buy those fancy sugar scrubs you see in every beauty product department. You can make your own at home for a fraction of the […]


17 DIY Bath Bombs: How To Make Bath Bombs For An Awesome Spa Day

bath bomb ideas

Bath bombs are a pretty useful DIY idea to make in the comfort of your home. They make great gift ideas. and can be a great way to practice self-care by treating yourself to a nice fizzy and relaxing bath. While yes, you can just go out and buy a couple of bath bombs, it […]


Craft Ideas With Paper: 41 Easy Paper Crafts For A Creative Day In

paper craft ideas

If you’re feeling crafty but don’t have that much to work with, easy paper crafts can be a great way to get creative! Easy DIY projects are a great way to keep yourself entertained while learning new ways to create home decor or even gift ideas that can be useful. These paper crafts are beautiful […]


17 Easy Keto Recipes To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals Like A Pro

keto recipes

Easy keto recipes are a must if you’re starting (or have started) the ketogenic diet.  Starting a specific diet is hard enough. But getting your hands on a good set of recipes that take almost no time to make AND that help you stay within your keto goals can make a big difference in whether […]


15 Exotic Indoor Plants You Haven’t Heard Of But Need To- Weird Indoor Plants

weird strange indoor plants

We all know the usual houseplants that are great for decorating your space. But we don’t often hear about the strange exotic indoor plants that can add some flair to your apartment. While some of them might need a little more care and attention than others, it can be worth investing into as you watch […]


17 Spiralizer Recipes To Finally Start Eating Healthy (And Yummy!)

grilled cheese ideas

We’re a little crazy about spiralizer recipes.  They’re crazy fun to make but even better to eat. There’s no telling what kinds of recipes you can come up with but they’re sure to be healthier than the average spaghetti dinner. It’s a simple way to make sure you’re adding plenty of fruits and veggies into […]


How To Make A Piñata: 22 Creative DIY Piñata For The Perfect Party

how to make a pinata

Hosting a party soon? You might want to learn how to make a pinata! These fun creations are for sure the life of just about any party and once you learn how to put one together, there’s no telling what you can come up with. Pinata’s have been around for a while now and they’ve […]