29 Of The Best Macaron Flavors You Can Try Baking At Home

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best macaron flavors and recipes

Macarons are the ultimate french treat!

That’s why today we thought we’d bring you the ultimate, and not to mention gorgeous, list of the best macaron flavors and recipes you can try baking at home.

We’ll admit, some of these deserts look too good to eat. But that’s exactly what they’re for! When you make macarons, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need on hand. These deserts particularly need attention to detail and care.

Once made, it’s easy to bet you’ll be pretty satisfied results, and you can wow your friends with your baking prowess.

If you’re looking for the best macaron flavors around, here’s the only list you’ll ever need.

Unicorn macarons

Lavender coconut macarons

Via Southern Fatty

Flaming hot cheetos

The most ridiculous macaron to have been made yet... This is what happens when the Flamin' Hot Cheeto has a delicious love child with the classic French Macaron. And the dessert world will never be the same.

Via Kara’s Couture Cakes

Chocolate caramel

Chocolate Caramel Macarons

Via Oh Sprinkles

Strawberry shortcake macarons

Lavender coconut macarons

Via The Beach House Kitchen

Lavender coconut

Lavender coconut macarons

Via Broma Bakery


Cereal macarons

Via Cloudy Kitchen

Blue raspberry

Blue raspberry macarons

Via Big Bears Wife


Rainbow macarons

Via Cloudy Kitchen

Snickers macarons

Snickers macarons

Via Mojewypieki

Cake batter

Cake batter macarons

Via Goodie Godmother


Lemon macarons

Via Saving Dessert

Strawberry macarons

Strawberry macarons

Via Sweet And Savory By Shinee


Pistachio macarons

Via Pies And Tacos

Key lime

Key lime macarons

Via Cooking Lsl

Apple butter

apple butter macarons

Via Cloudy Kitchen

Oreo macarons

Oreo macarons

Via Teak And Thyme


Lavender macarons

Via Simplistically Living


Cherry Macarons

Via Pies And Tacos

White chocolate candy cane

White chocolate candy cane macarons

Via The Little Blog Of Vegan

Vanilla bean macarons

Vanilla Bean Macarons

Via Kevin And Amanda

Shamrock shake

Shamrock Shake Macarons

Via Baking A Moment

Lavender french

Lavender french macarons

Via Tanyas Everyday Food

Caramel apple pie

Caramel apple macarons

Via The Tasty Bite Blog

Bailey’s chocolate macarons

Via Cookie Dough And Oven Mitt

Rocky road chocolate

Rocky road chocolate macarons

Via One Armed Mama

Lemon raspberry

lemon raspberry macarons

Via I Am Baker

White chocolate chai

white chocolate chai macarons

Via Unmasked Adventures

Creme brule

Creme brule macarons

Via The Little Blog Of Vegan

Red velvet

red velvet macarons

Via Food Duchess


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