25 Amazing Cake Ideas For Your Next Party

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cake ideas for party

If you want to take a lot at art, just take a look at all these gorgeous cakes.

It makes you wonder if you shouldn’t have a cake centerpiece for every table at your party. A girl can dream!

While you might only get one (or two if you’re lucky) perfect cake for your next party, the choices you have when it comes to color, design and taste are amazingly diverse.

There are a TON of choices for your perfect cake whether its for a fairy tale wedding, a birthday party, or even a baby shower.

You name it, there’s a cake for that occasion.

Mermaid Cake

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Via Sprinkle Shop

This mermaid cake is absolutely to die for and has a ton of colors in it. Not to mention its definitely a favorite if you love fondant and have a penchant for pearl sprinkles.

If you’re planning on a mermaid themed birthday party then this is the cake you’ll want for inspiration. You can always check out more unique ideas over at The Sprinkle Shop!

Unicorn Cake

Mermaid Unicorn Cake

Via Rose Bakes

If you can’t make up your mind between a mermaid or unicorn cake then good news: you don’t have to! You can just make a cake that with both.

And this cake is living proof that you can do it in style and taste without going too overboard. How’s this for a birthday cake that knocks it out of the park? Make sure you check out even more cakes over at Rose Bakes.

Donut Cake

donut cake

Via Anges De Sucre

As lovers of all things donuts, we can’t help but LOVE this donut cake. It’s almost too good to be true and it makes it even harder to cut a piece off when all you want to do is stare at it.

If you’re looking for extravagant cake inspo, this is definitely one to take pointers from.

Fruit Cake

fruit cake

Via Pinterest Cakes

This fruit cake makes our list as one of our top favorites because of the creativity and colors that make it up.

One great thing about cakes like these is that you can use them for just about any occasion. This means birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, or even weddings if you’re feeling quirky enough!

Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn birthday cake

Via Juniper Cakery

As you go down this list you’ll find yourself running into a couple of unicorn cakes because honestly we couldn’t help ourselves. All you have to do is take one look at some of these unicorn themed cakes to fall in love with them.

The gold colors with the painted fondant on this one takes the cake for sure!

Candy Explosion Cake

candy explosion cake with lots of prinkles

Via Pretty My Party

Candy fanatics need not look any further than THIS beauty. You get extra points if you’re obsessed with sprinkles and endless oodles of sweetness.

Perfect for any age in our book.

Sprinkle Cake

sprinkle cake

Via Emma’s Favorite Things

If you’re looking for a more simpler yet still fun and girly cake this one’s the perfect fit for your taste. Emma’s Favorite Things does a great job in creating a decadent cake that is super easy on the eyes.

Lollipop Cake

lollipop cake

Via Sweet Little Cakes Bakery

More candy? Yes, please. This cake is full of candy and we are SO here for it. We love the marshmallow addition along with the candy canes for the perfect mix of sweetness and styling!

Ice Cream Themed Cake

ice cream cake

Via Sweet Little Morsels

If you want an ice cream cake but don’t exactly want an actual ice cream cake you can absolutely make one out of fondant, sprinkles, and a come, like Sweet Little Morsels does with this absolutely gorgeous ice cream cake.

There’s something about how the purple and blue colors go so well together!

Mermaid Crumb Cake

mermaid cake with decorative crumbs

Via Pink Blonde And Baking

A sea themed cake like a mermaid cake is perfect for a summer party! Remember, a cake’s base doesn’t have to be all one color.

It can be a mix of colors, like blues, purples, pinks, and whites, just like this one.

Pinata Cake

pinata cake

Via Bubble And Sweet

A pinata cake can seem like a double whammy for any birthday party!

This pinata cake is definitely one worth trying with it’s colors and frilly icing. Bonus points if you can make the filling out of candy or even mixed fruit.

Stripe Tiered Cake

stripped cake

Via Mischief Maker Cakes

Tiered cakes are never NOT elegant.

And they’re amazing for weddings because of how grand they look in any venue. This cake makes great use of stripes and flowers for a look that stands out and catches your eye.

Flower Cake

watercolor flower cake

Via Raewynread Cake Design

One way to do the tiered cake look with bright colors without overdoing it is to include an all white layer to balance the colors and decoration out.

This way you have a cake with personality that doesn’t overdo it while still being absolutely gorgeous!

Spanish Style Cake

spanish style fiesta cake

Via Amy Cakes

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday: A Spanish style fiesta cake!

Why not use a beautiful combination of colors to perfectly show off your personality and make your birthday party shine?

Bouquet Cake

bright bouquet cake

Via Ruffled Blog

If you want to go for a more simple and less frilly cake then look at this one from Ruffled Blog.

It uses flowers as the main ingredient when it comes to cake decor and leaves the fondant a plain white.

This makes for an elegant and more streamlined look if that’s more up your alley!

Painted Cake

painted flower cake, abstract flower cake

Via Wedluxe

If this cake doesn’t scream Monet then we aren’t sure what does. This beautiful creation found on Wedluxe is the perfect combination of elegance and creativity and makes for a gorgeous wedding cake.

All you have to do is picked your preferred colors and pick a skilled cake maker to make this beauty a reality at your next celebration.

Fruit Loop Cake

Cereal Cake with fruit loop sprinkles

Via Sugar And Sparrow

This one’s for all the cereal lovers out there that can’t go a day without their fruit loops.

Sugar And Sparrow created the perfect cake for all the breakfast and cereal lovers out there that like to have fun with the theme of their cake and are open to new and quirky ideas.

Pastel Cake

pastel cake

Via Brittany May Cakes

Have we mentioned how much we love pastel? Yeah, we love pastel. And there isn’t much of any other color we love more.

The good news is a pastel cake can go with just about any decor. So you can definitely have fun with a pastel themed cake!

Pink Themed Cake

pink themed cake

Via Bodas Y Weddings

If you love all things pink we’d bet this cake makes the top of your list. It’s absolutely gorgeous and can be great for a baby shower, a wedding, or even a girly birthday party.

A big plus on the imperfect buttercream addition that makes it all the more quirky and beautiful!

Candy Melt Cake

pink and blue candy melt cake with sprinkles

Via Kasadelika

This candy cake is everything. And we mean it quite literally. The lollipop like sugar toppers are to die for and the melting buttercream on the edges bring it together beautifully.

Golden Mermaid Cake

mermaid inspired cake

Via Laombre Creations

If you’re serious about a mermaid themed birthday party then take plenty of inspiration from this gorgeous cake from Laombre Creations. They do a great job combining complimentary colors that go SO well with the mermaid theme.

The accents of gold are also a plus!

Gorgeous Flower Cake

 Gorgeous flower cake with pink background

Via Sugar And Sparrow

If you’re on the hunt for a more unique and artistic cake design then look no further than this arresting creation by Sugar And Sparrow.

It is wonderfully made with clusters of flowers that not only look good together but probably taste just as good too!

Water Color Cake

water color gold cake with flower topping

Via Loft 22 Cakes

Watercolor cakes are beautiful and are becoming more and more popular as we see cake makers try new things with their creations.

This cake is simple yet uses eye catching colors so as to not be boring and blend in the background.

It’s perfect for any pastel themed party!

Fruit Cake

fruit cake with layers

Via Petal A Pot

A fruit cake isn’t only gorgeous but a treat to eat!

Who doesn’t like tart strawberries with blueberries and cranberries and lots and lots of buttercream? You can always play around with the type of fruit you use and the arrangement. But in terms of awesome cake decor ideas, this is one for the books.

Aqua Blue Cake

Aqua Floral Cake by Lulu's Sweet Secrets

Via Lulu’s Sweet Secrets

This aqua blue cake takes the prize for most eye popping design. Any room you put it in it’s sure to steal the looks and admiration of everyone at the party!

The cake works because it uses a simple fondant in a brilliant color topped with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Can you top this cake design? (see what we did there?)


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