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35 Amazing Cake Designs Ideas You Absolutely Need To See

cake design ideas | Cake decorating

It’s easy to spend hours looking through cake designs to find the perfect one. There are way too many possibilities for the perfect cake, no matter what the occasion might be. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a graduation you can go all out with your cake design or you can […]


23 Meal Prep Ideas For Total Beginners

Meal prepping can be one of the best ways to save yourself time and money. This is especially true if you have a pretty tightly packed and busy schedule with meetings, appointments, and personal errands to run. Way too often where we tend to slip most in the midst of our business is eating healthy […]


11 Vegan Dinner Recipes Perfect For Your Weeknight Meal Plans

vegan dinner ideas | vegan dinner recipes for beginners

If you’ve hung around here, you know we love us a good healthy dinner recipe. Whether you’re looking for vegan recipes for beginners, or are a vegan recipe veteran and are simply looking for ideas and insipiration, we’ve got just the recipes for you. Some of the most popular vegan recipes can be some of […]


15 Summer Drink Recipes That Are Sure To Keep You Refreshed

summer drink recipes

Your summer can’t be complete without some refreshing summer drink recipes to keep you cool. It doesn’t matter if you want to drink a mixed drink with a hint of booze, or if you crave a virgin margarita and call it a day. There’s something for everyone and then everything in between. It’s all about […]


15 Delicious Crockpot Recipes You Need For Dinner This Week

crockpot dinner recipes

Crockpot recipes are the perfect dinner solution for when you’re short on time. Either that or you hate spending too much time in the kitchen. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a slave to mincing, cutting, and preparing food when you’ve got slow cooker recipes galore to choose from. The very best thing about slow […]


25 Amazing Cake Ideas For Your Next Party

cake ideas for party

If you want to take a lot at art, just take a look at all these gorgeous cakes. It makes you wonder if you shouldn’t have a cake centerpiece for every table at your party. A girl can dream! While you might only get one (or two if you’re lucky) perfect cake for your next […]


17 DELICIOUS Keto Desserts You Need To Add To Your List

dessert ideas

The keto diet is all the craze right now and for good reason. You can get really good positive results from the diet that a lot of people swear by. And either way, its always a good idea to cut out gluten wherever you can whether you’re dieting or not. But if you are on […]


25 Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Are Perfect For Breakfast

healthy smoothie recipes

Hands down, there’s nothing like a healthy and oh so sweet smoothie recipe to start your mornings. They’re filling, healthy, and give you that sweet kick of goodness in the morning you need to wake up. Healthy smoothie recipes are all over the place, and there are endless combinations you can make. Including chia seed, […]


35+ CREATIVE Grilled Cheese Recipes You Simply Can’t Ignore

grilled cheese ideas

Adult grilled cheese is the next best thing you haven’t tried yet. At some point, you’ve gotta say goodbye to the usual American Cheese and toast concoction and say hello to something new, to creative grilled cheese recipes, to be exact. Some of these recipes look sooo good you almost want to reach out and […]


17 Easy Keto Recipes To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals Like A Pro

keto recipes

Easy keto recipes are a must if you’re starting (or have started) the ketogenic diet.  Starting a specific diet is hard enough. But getting your hands on a good set of recipes that take almost no time to make AND that help you stay within your keto goals can make a big difference in whether […]