11 Habits For Beautiful Skin That Stands The Test Of Time (And Acne)

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The biggest reason why most of us aren’t willing to take care of our skin is we don’t see the payoff right away.

We’ll often try to use ‘get-better-skin-quick’ creams, lotions, and tactics that in the long run don’t do much for us.

As we age, the best skin is the skin we’ve taken good care of over time.

And this definitely takes routine and some getting used to. Now, you might not be able to go from not taking care of your skin at all to doing a seven step skincare routine overnight.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to start small and go from there. Our skin, no matter what age we are (it’s never too late to start properly taking care of your skin) will thank us once we start routinely taking care of it’s needs.

Here are 11 ways to make sure your skin is in the best condition it can be every waking day.

Use a serum

how to take care of your skin

What exactly is a serum?

A serum is a product that is full of powerful moisturizing and repairing agents like hyaluronic acids and ceramides that help repair common skin problems like wrinkles and dark spots.

You usually apply it right before moisturizing to get the full effect.

Serums are effective because their molecular makeup is smaller, which means your skin can absorb it a lot easier than other heavier moisturizing products.

The SPF trick

Ah, SPF. It’s not quite the thing we remember to put on first thing in the morning. But it’s still very much an important step in our daily skin routine.

A quick hack to help you remember to lather it on every single day is to give it a new home by your toothpaste holder.

Where ever it is that you keep your toothpaste, keep your favorite tube of SPF right beside it.

That way, when you’re done brushing, you should be able to grab your SPF and put it right on. It’s a pretty easy way to remember to put on sunblock. You’re pairing a habit that you already do with a habit that you don’t.

That way you don’t forget either habit.

Moisturize well

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Even if it feels like your skin doesn’t really need it after a good face wash. Moisturizing makes sure that your skin doesn’t create excess oils to make up for the dryness that can be caused by abrasive face washes.

Excess oil tends to mix with the dirt and dead skin cell build up on your skin over time. Which means more breakouts that lead to scarring and open pores.

This can ultimately mean a change in the overall texture in the skin. If you haven’t noticed by now skin care is kind of a feed back loop.

Moisturizing is one of those things you simply can’t skip.

The scar free toolkit you need in your arsenal

Let’s face it.

Sometimes we simply can’t fight the urge to pick at a pimple.

Especially when it seems its just ASKING to be picked.

Thankfully there are tools you can use to ‘pick’ your breakouts in a way that will minimize scarring and help it heal faster.

But if you buy an acne tool set like this one, you’ll be able to take care of those pesky breakouts responsibly.

And your skin will thank you for it.

Wash your pillow and pillow case often

Your pillow and pillow cases are two things that harbor lots and lots of bacteria over time.

Think about it.

You sleep on it every single night. And it’s safe to say there are nights when you come home and sleep on it with a full face of makeup on.

Or too much product. Giving your pillows and pillowcases some time in the washer and dryer will help lessen the amount of acne causing bacteria that tend to live in these places.

That way, it leads to your skin having less breakouts and less breakouts means less long term scars.

Try making it a habit to wash your pillow at least weekly. And to wash or change out your pillow case one to two times a week. Getting in the habit of doing this will ensure you maintain your best skin possible.

As a bonus, you can even try and buy a satin pillow case. It’s softer and easier on the skin.

Cleanse gently

One skin care tip, as easy and as forgettable as it might seem, can’t be stressed enough.

And that is to cleanse your skin gently. Too often we fall for the rough sugar scrubs and apricot scrubs and use them routinely. While it’s always nice to use them every once in a blue moon, especially if you have lots of dead skin cell build up over time, they shouldn’t be your everyday go-to cleanser (yikes).

Instead try using a very gentle cleanser that’s easy on the skin while still washing away the impurities and dirt that pile up throughout the day.

A great cleanser to get started with this is the Cerave hydrating facial cleanser that comes in three different skin types. It’s a great facial cleanser that can get you in the habit of treating your skin gently while still cleaning it thoroughly.

Ditch the makeup wipes

Wipes pull on the skin. And even though some of them might say that they’re ‘gentle’ they still have a texture that, if used roughly (which a lot of us tend to do) can cause micro tears and irritation on the skin that build up over time.

One thing about treating your skin gently is the fact that you want to keep your skin texture as even as possible. And skipping the nightly makeup wipes can be one great step in the right direction.

Use glasses as a double win

Not only do glasses give a chic look to any outfit, but they help keep the sun out of the most vulnerable parts of your skin.

That’s right. The skin around your eyes.

Not only is it a good idea to keep your eye area hydrated and protected with a good SPF, wearing glasses can help keep out additional harmful sun rays that accelerate the aging process.

Remember, the suns ray’s though good for you in doses, can do a number on your facial skin if you never make any effort to protect it over the years.

Glasses are some of the most fun and easy ways to protect the most vulnerable parts of your skin.

The rules of gentleness

Pat don’t wipe. Always pull skin upwards. Don’t pull on your under eye skin.

That’s basically the rules of gentleness in a nutshell when it comes to the skin on your face.

Patting your face makes sure you aren’t pulling on your skin and risking the irritation and enlargement of pores (especially if your skin is already prone to this).

Always pulling skin upwards is always a good idea. Over the years, your skin naturally sags anyway, because it starts producing less and less collagen.

So why try to pull it down even more by being careless about it? It’s important to remember that little gestures over time add up.

And finally, you don’t want to pull on your under eye skin for any reason. You always want to make sure if you’re applying product to the skin to pat it on gently, one way is with your ring finger.

If you’re removing makeup from that area make sure you use a gentle cleanser first, to take the majority of the makeup off. And then try removing the rest with a gentle oil cleanser and a cotton pad in gentle strokes.

Start a fail safe routine

Now, none of this advice will help with anything if you don’t actually incorporate them into a routine.

And one way to do that is to keep a simple journal and write down your skin care routine daily, to the point where it becomes such a habit you don’t even have to think about it.

Another way is to keep a simple tally, or a habit tracker and checking off the steps in your skin care routine that you took care of each day.

There are lots of ways to build habits around things that are beneficial to your skin. Find what works for you personally and be intentional about sticking to it.

Your skin will sigh a big thank you!

Skincare starts from the inside out

This skin care guide couldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most obvious skin care pieces of advice out there.

And that’s to simply drink more water, in any way that you can.

Of course, it’s important to note that your diet has A LOT to do with the overall health of your skin. Because as much as we’d like it to be otherwise, whatever you put in your body will always, without a doubt, be reflected outwardly.

That is why its important to try to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible and to ingest as much healthy foods as you can.

Water is an easy way to start your journey towards better health and overall better, more moisturized and resilient skin.

You can keep it simple

One thing’s for sure, you can keep your routine simple and still get great results. You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on pricey lotions, face washer, or serums. Sometimes it takes adopting a different lifestyle to really see lasting results. 

You simply have to listen to your skin and try to give it what it’s asking for.

That takes a bit of trial and error. But it’s definitely worth it if it means healthier skin in the long run.

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