13 Home Decor Ideas For The Perfect Space (Even If You Rent!)

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It’s not every day you can think of the perfect home decor idea to make your space more homey.

Thankfully we curated a list for you of the most on-trend home decor ideas and items that are genius ideas worth trying at home. You don’t necessarily need to spend a pretty penny to have a great space. All it takes is some imagination, some ideas and inspiration, and a willingness to experiment with different colors, textures, and unique finds.

To help with the inspo side of things, whether you own your home or you rent, here are some crazy beautiful and creative ideas to get your gears turning.

Hang your favorite fabric piece in a statement corner

Paint your door a quirky color

Don’t be afraid to use wallpaper!

Stack a shelf with your favorite mementos


Make your hats double as wall decor

Build a trellis wall gallery

Create a distressed ombre look on a piece of old furniture

Add a neutral table runner (even if you have a small table!)

Use yarn on your walls

Decorate your wall with baskets


Create an indoor plant corner

Combine different textured pillows


Create DIY yarn wall art in the shape of rainbows


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