How To Finally Get Up Early And Stick To A Morning Routine

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Everyone seems to be obsessed with creating the perfect morning routine.

Productivity and self-help authors swear by them, and billionaires seem to have theirs asked about on the regular. In the end, though they might seem over hyped, they’re are asked about over and over again for good reason.

Because no matter what new rule or system or research study comes out, one thing’s for sure:

How you spend your mornings can make or break the rest of your day.

And if you have recurring days with bad starts and a non-existent morning routine, it starts to eat away at your productivity, you start to see your deadlines for personal goals slipping, and life can start to unravel a bit.

In theory morning routines are pretty easy to put together, depending on your own needs and goals for the day. In practice is where it starts to get a bit dicey.

Talking about a morning routine is one thing. But actually DOING one day in and day out is a whole other ball game.

So how can you make sure you stick to one for more productive days that then turn into weeks and weeks that then turn into months and years? Here we break down seven steps that can make sticking to a productive morning routine easier and within reach.

Because let’s face it, life happens.

Go to sleep a little earlier each night for 30 days

This one might sound like a bit of a challenge but hear us out.

It’s never a good idea to try and outright start a habit head on without easing yourself into it first. Easing into anything helps you make sure you stay on the path towards the goal you want to reach.

Because just like jumping head first into cold water, the shock can sometimes be too much. Instead try, starting your ‘I’m going to sleep now’ morning routine just a tad sooner each night.

This way, you make sure that you have a micro goal each night that you can stick to and that, by the end of 30 days will have made a huge difference in the amount of hours of sleep you get each night.

As an example, if I my goal is to be in bed by at least 11:00 pm each night but I’ve been going to sleep at 1:30 am, then the next night I might try going to sleep at 1:00 am, and then the very next night either 1:00 am or 12:55 am.

And so on, until you hit your target goal of being in bed by 11 pm. You’ll also start to see with this challenge, that you’ll naturally start getting sleepier earlier too!

It’s definitely worth a try.

Wake up to a podcast and natural light

Besides natural light hitting your face as a nice wake up ‘slap’ in the face, noise is the next best thing to keep you going.

Imagine if first thing in the morning you see the light coming through your curtains and then your favorite song starts playing aloud.

You’ll be more motivate to want to get up and actually do something. If listening to music first thing in the morning really isn’t your thing, try bookmarking your favorite podcast and making sure you play it in the morning while you water your plants, make your bed, or start your cup of coffee.

Add something to the routine you actually LOVE

What’s one thing that gets you excited in the mornings? Is it the sweetness of the syrup on your pancakes, the smell of your favorite coffee? The look of your makeup routine that you actually had time to put together because you went to sleep early?

There are lots of ways to make sure you love your mornings more. Try finding out what exactly is one thing you’d LOVE to either taste, smell, touch, or experience in the morning and promptly add it to your morning routine.

There’s nothing like having something to look forward to to get you up in the mornings. It motivates you to get up and go instead of staying under your covers until mid afternoon hits.

Because of course, the temptation is REAL.

But that’s why it’s SO important to create and stick to your personal morning routine. Because it helps you stay away from those temptations and helps you stay productive!

Add a boundary to social time

Social time with friends and family.

We all love it and for good reason. Not only is it something to love and cherish but it’s also necessary for our overall mental well being. That’s not to say that you can’t put boundaries around these things though.

Because in the end, we do in fact make time for the things that matter. And the things that matter don’t have to conflict if you don’t let them, like getting a good night’s rest and spending time with the people you love most.

Setting a boundary in these situations can mean letting your friends or family know that you’re available to spend time with them until X hour. After that you have to start getting ready for tomorrow, unwinding, and actually getting your sleep.

This way your morning routine doesn’t suffer and you’re more willing to stick to it, because you made sure not to take away precious hours of rest the night before.

Create awesome weekends so you free up your weekdays

Weekends! They’re there and they’re free for a reason.

Use them to the BEST of your advantage.

That way you don’t have to cram things you could have done on the weekends into your weekdays and then mess up the morning routine you’ve tried so hard to create and stick to.

We could go into a completely new routine that you could create for your weekends to make the best of them. But right now we’re talking about creating your best morning routine possible and making sure you set yourself up to successfully see it through.

Creating awesome weekends can look like:

  • Actually scheduling in time with your friends and family like its an event
  • Getting all your chores and housework out of the way first so you don’t have the mental pressure there when you are spending time with the people you love most
  • Making the most of your Friday afternoon and using it wisely to make more free time on Saturday and Sunday

It takes practice

Creating and sticking to a morning routine so you wake up when you say you will and create your best day possible can sound daunting. But its absolutely not impossible if you just take the time to take out as many obstacles that stand in your way as possible.

Have you successfully started going to sleep earlier and created a morning routine? We’d love to hear your story below!

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