9 Ways To Make Sure Your House Always Smells Amazing

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how to make your house smell good

Homes can smell funky more often than not.

And while that’s not by choice, that funk tends to stay. Unless you do something about it. 

And yayy for the fact that there are quite a few somethings you can do about it.

While being an overall clean and organized person helps in general, there are always a few extra things you can do to make sure your home smells like a basket of roses…or at least something along those lines.

Because who doesn’t want to smell pleasant things all day long?

Here’s a close look at nine things you can do to make sure your house smells, well, like a home you want to live in.

Use a wax warmer

how to make sure your home smells good

Wax warmers, while they might seem like yet something else they want you to spend your money on, actually work.

And well. Seriously well.

Buying one is one of THE best decisions you can make when trying to make your home smell good.

This is how they work if you don’t already know what they are:

You get a wax warmer at your local store (like wal-mart) and you plug it in. Electric ones work best because they don’t involve actual candle fire that could be hazardous (though you can always opt for those).

When you turn it on, it’s simply a contained lightbulb with a glass plate on top. You then get to pick your favorite wax cubes that are super infused with the scent of your choice. 

When you place them over the bulb, they melt and send a wafting smell of ‘Hawaiian Mimosas’ or whatever smell you happen to fancy (Cashmere is one of my current favorites).

Each wax cube lasts you about 3-5 days scent wise.

So once you purchase your wax warmer once, all you have to do is invest a couple bucks a month on smelly wax cubes, as opposed to spending a lot more on wall plugins that don’t work, glad sprays that don’t last, or whatever else you’re currently investing in that isn’t worth it.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Add essential oils to your light bulbs

Lots of people swear by this one and claim it adds a nice lavender-y smell to their bedroom. It doesn’t hurt to try it.

All you have to do is get a hold of your favorite pure essential oil (or you can mix and match them too) dab a couple drops on your lamp bulb, and voila. 

It’ll get hot and diffuse the smell around your room.

Kinda works like a wax warmer doesn’t it?

Keep some indoor plants alive (it’s easier than you think!)

how to make your home smell good

Indoor plants are always a great addition to any home, regardless of what state it’s in.

The beauty of indoor plants is that they virtually go with just about any type of home decor out there. So you can definitely have fun with picking them out, as they all add natural benefits to your indoor space.

Some even claim to clean the air around them.

If anything, they’ll keep your home looking nice and pretty and will give you a ‘feel’ of a better smelling home, if that makes sense.

Stop walking barefoot on carpets

This is one that’s always great to keep in mind because it greatly affects how your house smells.

Especially if your house is particularly carpeted.

Carpets soak up a lot of the smells it comes in contact with. And when you constantly walk barefoot on your carpet, it absorbs all the grime and sweat (especially in the summer!) that comes out of everyone’s feet.

And over time, that adds a funny smell to your carpet. Multiply that by every member of your household doing that and then you’ve got some prevalent smells you might not want (especially if you’ve got someone who suffers from smelly feet syndrome).

This is why its always best to opt for a pair of ‘indoor flops’ that are designated for just that, indoor walking.

It helps keep your carpet smelling as neutral as possible, and not like sweaty old feet.

Remember, modern problems require modern solutions.

Keep the air moving

There’s always a noticeable difference in a bedroom when it’s left without a source of air for long periods of time.

The air gets stale, it smells like enclosed body odor and dust, and it’s just overall not a pleasant scent.

But leaving the fan on, cracking the window open, and/or investing in an air purifier can truly make the difference. Also, not leaving your dirty plates sitting on your desk days at a time tends to help too. 

The moldy leftover smell isn’t quite in.

Keep Clorox wipes on hand OR…

Good old Clorox wipes are good for wiping up dust and leaving a nice scent behind (like the lemon infused ones do). 

They sure smell better than Windex or any old surface cleaner. Though you can always make your own concoction of vinegar and green apple detergent to wipe surfaces too.

It works like a charm and smells amazing. 

Wash your towels and sheets with some baking soda

If we’re talking about getting rid of smells here, baking soda is the king of just that. So, be not afraid to use it on your next laundry day along with your favorite detergent.

Your sheets and your towels (which tend to get smelly and musty) will thank you for it. 

One cup for every full size load should do the trick.

Keep tea around

how to make your home smell good

Ok. So this one might be more of a silly option but hey, it works for moments at a time.

Especially if you’re an avid tea drinker. Tea just naturally lets off a nice calming smell, particularly chamomile and mint tea.

Just let your favorite tea bag baste in the tea cup in the favorite part of your home. It always adds a nice hint of natural aromas.

Use dryer sheets in your towels

Ever noticed drawers, especially wooden ones, tend to get musty? 

Adding a few dryer sheets in between your folded clothes can help with the smell and helps keep your clothes fresh.

This is also a great idea for your lingerie drawer. Especially if you don’t fold anything that’s in there, so it’s all mixed together. Add some dryer sheets to the mix and you’ve got some extra fresh smelling socks and undies.

Honestly, who isn’t a sucker for fresh smelling clothes?

Cleanliness ties it all together

Now, it really goes without saying that if you don’t start with a clean base, all these life hacks to make your home smell as goo as possible are going to do little more than mask the smells that are lying underneath.

So it’s always a good idea to make sure that you give your apartment or home a nice deep clean every so often.

It also helps to keep little habits of cleaning and tidying up throughout the week so that you don’t have too much of a mess to deep clean later.

Have you used any of these home hacks successfully? Share with us in the comments.

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