23 Jello Shot Recipes You Need To Try This Summer

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You’re hosting a party and you have no idea what treats to offer besides food and drink.

Then you realize a fun thing to do would be to make jello shots! Except you have no real idea how to make them.

Do you use juice? Fruits? How much of each thing goes in each shot?

Along with all the other preparations that go with throwing a successful party, jello shots are one of those no brainers. They’re fun to make, don’t take a lot of time, and can be a nice sweet treat for your guests.

And if you’re looking for a creative way to use booze, then this is definitely a must.

Here are 23 jello shot recipes to inspire you to create your own.

Candy cane jello shots

Candy Cane Jello Shot recipes

Via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

What do you get when you mix candy canes and jello shots? These delicious candy cane shots!

They’ll absolutely wow your guests and are perfect for a winter or fall party.

Vodka jello shots

Jello Shot recipe

Via Bread Booze Bacon

Vodka jello shots are the most popular jello shot recipes out there. Bread Booze And Bacon lets you know how you can create all different types of jello in different flavors.

Rainbow jello shots

rainbow jello shot recipe

Via A Spicy Perspective

These rainbow jello shots are definitely in our top favorites. They look amazingly colorful and even sweeter. Get the full jello shot recipe over at A Spicy Perspective.

Jello shots

Jello Shot recipes

Via Sugar And Soul

Sugar And Soul adds their own twist on how to make jello shots that you can enjoy at home in all the flavors imaginable.

Watermelon tequila jello shots

Watermelon Tequila Jello Shot recipe

Via Kirbie’s Kravings

Did you know you can make jello shots with tequila? You can try making these watermelon tequila shots for good measure. Kirbie’s Kravings teaches you exactly  how.

Strawberry margarita jello shots

strawberry margarita jello shot

Via Happiness Is Homemade

Margarita jello shots! They look absolutely delicious and its such a creative idea. Happiness is Homemade shows you step by step how to put these together!

Orange creamsicle jello shots

orange creamsicle jello shot

Via Bread Booze Bacon

Who says orange creamsicle is only for popsicles? You can make some creamsicle flavored shots for your next dinner party as a sweet boozy surprise.

Swedish fish jello shots

swedish fish jello shot recipe

Via Erica’s Sweet Tooth

Don’t confuse these swedish fish with real candy. They’re actually boozy jello shots, and yes, you can make them at home following the recipe by Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

Apple pie jello shots

apple pie jello shot recipe

Via My Incredible Recipes

Apple pie jello shots? Yes, please! These jello shots are the perfect fall treat when we’re all cozying up and drinking our cider. Get the full run down on My Incredible Recipes.

Champagne jello shots

Champagne jello shot recipe

Via 40 Aprons

Get fancy with these decadent champagne jello shots. They’re look amazing and probably taste ten times better too. If you’re looking for a jello shot recipe with berries, then this can be one way to go.

Pink lemonade jello shots

Pink Lemonade Jello Shot recipe

Via A Beautiful Mess

Pink Lemonade gets more fun when you transform it into jello shots to share with all your friends. What’s more, you can pour it into hollowed out lemon peels and slice them into wedges.

Smores frapuccino shots

Smores Frap Jello Shot recipe

Via Thats So Michelle

What happens when you mix frappuccino with jelly and vodka, these delicious smores shots! That’s So Michelle teaches you how the get the layered effect with these frap shots.

Cherry colada jello shots

cherry colada jello shot recipe

Via Sprinkle Bakes

Are you a coke fan? Do you love cherries? Then these are the perfect jelly shots for you! They look fantastic and they’re sure to wow at any party.

Layered jello shots

Red White and Blue Jello Shot recipe

Via Princess Pinky Girl

Layered shots in red white and blue are just what you might need to spice up a fourth of july party. All you have to do is follow the recipe to a T. Thankfully Princess Pinky Girl shows you exactly how over on their blog.

Pineapple upside down jello shots

Pineapple Upside Down Jello Shot recipe

Via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Pineapple doesn’t only come on pizza, it comes in this pineapple upside down shot too. And with a cherry on top for good measure.

Irish car bombs

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shot recipe

Via Cooking With Janica

Make these Irish Car Bombs with with some Guinness and Baileys for a tasty treat. They look amazing and taste even better.

Vegan chocolate cherry jello shots

Chocolate Cherry Jello Shot recipe

Via Namely Marly

If you’re looking for a vegan option these might just be your go to shots. They look amazing and are cherry themed. And you can’t go wrong with cherries.

Candy Jello shots

candy jello shot recipe

Via Baking Mischief

You have to make candy jello shots at least once in your life. These bright purple ones look amazing and can give you a good idea of how a great jello shot can turn out with a little imagination.

Black widow jello shots

Black Widow Jello Shot recipe

Via A Night Owl Blog

If you’re feeling like you want to have some extra fun, try creating these black widow jello shots. A Night Own Blog teaches you how.

Watermelon jello shots

watermelon jello shot recipe

Via Amanda’s Cookin

These watermelon jello shots are an insanely genius idea and we are so here for it. There are lots of ways to create jello shots but this one takes the cake. Get the full run down at Amanda’s Cookin.

Midori jello shots

Midori Sour Jello Shot recipe

Via Homemade Hooplah

These midori shots loot perfectly themed for halloween. But hey, you can make them any day of the week. All you need to do is check out the recipe.

Sangria jello shot recipe

Sangria Jello Shot recipe

Via Sugar And Soul

Sangria is good for the soul. Sangria jello shots? Those are for a good time, especially when you add fruit to them. Try them over at Sugar And Soul.

Fireball jello shots

Fireball Jello Shot recipe

Via Homemade Hooplah

This jello shot recipes list couldn’t be complete without a fireball jello shot recipe. These jello bites look fiery and delicious. Definitely worth trying out.

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