Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe

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lavender sugar scrub DIY recipe

Our lavender sugar scrub recipe is simply to die for!

Not only does it smell amazing, it uses all natural ingredients and is a total treat for your skin.

If you’ve been wanting an exfoliant for your skin that doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that store bought ones tend to carry, then this homemade sugar scrub recipe is for you. It’s especially helpful if you’re experiencing dry flaky skin and you need a bit of a skin reset.

A sugar scrub is a great way to maintain your skin and make sure it looks as luminous as possible. Read on to get the full recipe. You can make this sugar scrub over the weekend for a much needed self-care day!

lavender sugar scrub recipe

Lavender sugar scrub ingredients

  • 1/2 Cup white sugar
  • 7 Drops of lavender essential oils
  • 5 lavender flower buds
  • 1 Tbsp. of honey
  • 1-2 Drops of skin safe purple food coloring

This lavender scrub is pretty simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

If you don’t have natural lavender you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to include it in your sugar scrub and it will still work amazingly.

If you don’t want to use honey in your sugar scrub you can also use coconut oil, though keep in mind that the coconut oil smell is very strong and might overpower any lavender smell your sugar scrub might have.

lavender sugar scrub recipe

Sugar scrub directions

In a bowl, add your lavender essential oil drops, honey, and coloring.

Then, mince your lavender flower buds until they’re super finely chopped (almost turned into a mush).

Add to your sugar scrub and mix well (this might take a few minutes). Spoon into mason jar and seal. You can keep your scrub in the fridge for up to a month.

Enjoy your scrub!

lavender sugar scrub recipe

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