33 Gorgeous Pom Pom Crafts For The Pom Pom Obsessed

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Pom Pom crafts are some of the most lovely yet underrated DIY crafts out there.

I mean, there is seriously no telling what kinds of  home decor items you can make with them. If you’re absolutely in love with pom poms, you’ll LOVE this list (we always like to make new additions when we find DIY pom pom crafts we love).

You can make all kinds of things imaginable with pom poms. Pom pom rings, pom pom earrings, pom pom garlands, pom pom bags. You name it, we’re pretty sure there’s a way to add some DIY pom pom fun to it.

Now, we all know that the first step in creating anything with pom poms is learning how to create a good pom pom ball. 

And the second most important part is having the materials for a pom pom decor frenzy. This means gathering things like the right type of soft yarn, some scissors, some cardboard, and possibly a bigger needle (for your pom pom garlands and key chains).

DIY Pom Pom Chandelier Pom pom crafts, diy pom pom chandelier

Via Mollie Makes

Pom Pom chandeliers are absolutely eye catching and can be a great addition to a children’s room. You only need a few materials and it can be a cherished keepsakes once you put it all together.

DIY Pom Pom GarlandPom pom crafts, pom pom garland

Via Fun 365

You’ve gotta try creating a pom pom garland at least once in your life. This tutorial not only shows you how to create the pom pom balls, you also learn how to create tassels and incorporate both into a diy pom pom garland you’ll love!

DIY Pom Pom HeadbandPom pom crafts, diy pom pom headband

Via Aww Sam

Did you know pom poms can go on your head too? They can, just try this DIY pom pom headband and see. It’s a pretty quirky outfit addition and if anything, it can make an eye catching halloween accessory.

DIY Pom Pom OrnamentPom pom crafts, Christmas Pom pom Tutorial

Via 5 Minutes For Mom

Pom pom ornaments are the cutest and they take no time at all to make. This genius creation by 5 Minutes For Mom shows you just how festive pom poms can be. A perfect idea for the holidays.

DIY Paper Pom Pomspom pom crafts, tissue paper pom pom how to

Via Two Twenty One

Paper pom poms are a great fast and easy DIY party decor idea! And you don’t need that much material to get started making them. You can always hang them on the wall, or string them together to make an arching entry way. There’s lots of ways to use these paper pom poms.

DIY Pom Pom BasketPom pom crafts, Make your own pom pom basket

Via A Beautiful Mess

have a boring basket you wouldn’t mind bringing back to life? Try adding some bright warm pom poms to it and see it change before your eyes. It doesn’t matter if its a wire laundry basket or if its a woven bamboo basket, both can look great with some pom pom details.

Make A Pom Pom BeaniePom pom crafts, pom pom hat

Via The Pretty Life Girls

Pom pom beanies can be SO fun to wear. They add some spark and color to just about any outfit. This hat brings it all together by adding easy heart details to you can easily recreate at home. Get the full run down on how to make this cute heart pom pom hat over at the Pretty Life Girls.

Create A Pom Pom PillowPom pom crafts, DIY Pom Pom Pillow

Via A Kailo Chic Life

Did you know you could even create a pom pom pillow? We didn’t either until we found THIS precious thing. It only looks complicated to create but it can actually be very easy, once you get your pom pom making skills down, you’ll be ready to make lots of pom pom pillows!

DIY Pom Pom PensPom pom crafts, diy pom pom pens

Via Hearts And Sharts

Ever have the problem where you lose your pens all the time. We do, and it sucks. But if you had a fluffy pom pom to it, the chances of that happening again lowers significantly! As a bonus, add some washi tape to the pens to add even more pops of color. Try creating some pom pom pens and never lose your pens again!

Make Some Pom Pom Wall ArtPom pom crafts, yarn wall hanging

Via Brit + Co

Make some pom pom wall art and match it with your cushions in the process. This awesome piece of wall art is sure to get compliments wherever you hang it. And while it looks expensive, it definitely doesn’t have to be.

Make A Pom Pom ScarfPom pom crafts,

Via Crate And Barrel

You can keep warm with a pom pom scarf in a matter of minutes. This quirky pom pom scarf is easy to make and even easier to match with your outfit. Try the tutorial over at Crate And Barrel.

DIY Pom Pom Pine Cone

Pom pom crafts, Pom Pom Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Via Tinker Lab

Isn’t this pine cone just adorable? A pine cone as an ornament is a great idea for your natural Christmas tree. If you add some mini pom poms to it you’ve got yourself some interesting ornaments you can use over and over again.

Pom Pom ClutchPom pom crafts, diy pom pom clutch

Via Scoop Charlotte

A clutch can be a statement piece if you add some small pom pom details. It can also go great with a monochromatic outfit and adds a pop of color and fun. Scoop Charlotte teaches you how to make it.

Create Pom Pom CurtainsPom pom crafts, pom pom curtain DIY

Via Oh Joy Blogs

have a bedroom that needs some decor overhaul? These pom pom curtains might just be the perfect addition to your room. They’re simple and easy to make, and the secret to having them look fab is spacing out each pom pom so its not overloaded. Get the full set of directions on how to make these pom pom curtains over at Oh Joy Blogs.

DIY Pom Pom Wall Mat

DIY pom pom wall hang, Pom pom crafts,

Via Sugar and Cloth

It’s great when a DIY craft has more than one use, like this pom pom wall hanging that can double as a mat or even a table piece. Sugar and Cloth tells you exactly how to put it together.

DIY Pom Pom Party BalloonsPom pom crafts, pom pom balloons

Via Design Improvised

These balloons are some of our favorite on this list. They’re an awesome way to use pom poms that you don’t see everyday. Not to mention they make beautiful party decor pieces you can put together in a matter of minutes.

DIY Pom Pom BookmarksPom pom crafts, DIY yarn ball pom pom bookmark tutorial

Via Design Mom

Who knew you could keep your place in a book with some pom poms? Design Mom had the  great idea to create pom pom book marks as a nifty way to never lose your place again.

Create A Pom Pom LampPom pom crafts, pom pom lamp

Via A Subtle Revelry

Perk up a simple paper lantern with your own creation of multicolored pom poms and have some pretty lighting once you turn on the lights. You can either glue the pom poms on the lantern or thread them through. To get the full run down on how its done, get it over at A Subtle Revelry.

DIY Ugly Sweater Pom PomPom pom crafts, DIY Pom-Pom Vest for Ugly Sweater Parties

Via Brit + Co

You can make your own ugly sweater with a bunch of pom poms for that next office holiday party! If you have an old sweater that you’re tired of, you can grab your glue gun, make some pom poms, and go on a gluing frenzy. Pretty sweet pom pom idea!

DIY Pom Pom CapPom pom crafts, DIY Pom Pom Hat

Via More

A cap by itself is pretty nice. A cap with a pom pom? Now we’re talking! This black on black on black design can be pretty stylish if you pair it with your favorite outfit.

Create Pom Pom SandalsPom pom crafts, pom pom shoes

Via Honestly WTF

Why go out and buy those expensive Target pom pom sandals when you can just make an even better version at home that you can personalize to your personal taste? Honestly WTF tells you exactly how to do that!

DIY Pom Pom ChandelierPom pom crafts, pom pom chandelier

Via Kidsomania

Here’s another cool pom pom chandelier idea. The cool things about pom poms is that you can decide what kind of texture and thickness you want your pom poms to be. After a little practice you can start fluffing them up and shaping them to the size you want.

DIY A Pom Pom GarlandPom pom crafts, Pom Pom String. Get the tutorial

Via Babyology

Have some wall decor that’s already up? Add a pom pom garland to it for no reason! It’s a good way to revamp something old!

How To Create A Pom Pom BlanketPom pom crafts, How To Make Pom Pom blanket

Via Vintage Revival

A pom pom blanket is on our pom pom crafts to do list! They are so pretty and can be a great DIY idea for just about any bedroom. It can particularly make a good fit for boho room decor themes!

Pom Pom Valentine’s Day GarlandPom pom crafts,

Via My Name Is Snicker Doodle

Try creating a pom pom garland for your next Valentines celebration. The pretty combination of whites, pinks, whites, and roses makes for a great decorative idea!

Decorate Your Trash Can With Pom PomsPom pom crafts, DIY Yarn Pom Trash Can Makeover

Via The House That Lars Built

Bet you hadn’t thought about decorating your trash can with a DIY pom pom garland. As soon as we saw this idea we knew it belonged on this nifty list of pom pom crafts because it was so unique (and pretty!)

Decorate Your Entry Way With Pom PomsPom pom crafts, Pom Pom Garland

Via Upper Case Magazine

Need we say much about this pom pom garland? It’s simple yet stunning and the devil is in the details in this one. If you notice, there is a knitted detail to the overall pom pom garland that adds a new dimension to the original garland idea.

DIY Pom Pom Infinity ScarfPom pom crafts, Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Via Sew Much Ado

This pom pom scarf is really pretty and easy to make! You can always create your own at home even if you aren’t savvy with a sewing machine. You can pair it with almost any outfit or it can even make a great gift idea!

DIY Pom Pom Swizzle SticksPom pom crafts, Yarn Pom Pom Swizzle Sticks

Via The Flair Exchange

If you’re having a party and you’re trying to go all out, try creating these swizzle sticks for your guests to stir  their drinks with. You can theme them with your party colors and add some fun and sparkle to your celebration.

Add A Pom Pom Accent To Your Favorite BagPom pom crafts, DIY Pom Pom Beach Bag

Via The Fox and She

If you don’t like your bag, change it! Pom poms can be a great way to do that without having to spend too much money or have to get too complicated.

DIY Cherry KeychainPom pom crafts, cherry key chains

Via Lia Griffith

These cherry key chains are absolutely quirky and usable. You might need a few more materials to create them but once you do you can hang them just about anywhere.

DIY Pom Pom Fairy GarlandPom pom crafts, pom pom fairy garland

Via Raising Up Rubies

This fairy garland can be great to decorate a playroom area or even a bedroom. They can add color and magic to just about any place and you can make them multicolored with the tutorial from Raising Up Rubies.

DIY Fruit Pom PomPom pom crafts, Pom Pom Fruit Tutorial

Via Mr. Printables

Pom poms don’t just have to be a solid color. You can add detail to them and create fruit themed pom poms! You can create kiwi pom poms, strawberry pom poms, watermelon pom poms or even a lemon pom pom!

Create Animal Pom Poms

Pom pom crafts, pom pom bunny, chick pom pom

Via Doodle And Stitch

Sometimes we just want to create cute things we can look at that will brighten our day. In this case you can use pom poms to create holiday themed animals you can glue googly eyes on. Your creations can turn out pretty darn cute.

Get An Easy Start With Pom Pom Crafts

Pom pom crafts are hands down some of our favorite to feature. They’re easy to make and easy on the eyes no matter how you decide to use them.

Once you start creating pom pom crafts it’ll be hard to stop. And we honestly can blame you. Pom pom decorations are great to have around. Let us know which pom pom craft stood out to you the most!

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