23 Simple But Stunning Desserts You Simply Need To See

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Naturally, desserts tend to look good.

But there are some that simply take the cake when it comes to GORGEOUS dessert ideas.

They’re almost so pretty you don’t even want to eat them. Just keep them and gawk at their sugary beauty forever.

Hence the creation of this creative (or maybe not so creative, but definitely tasty!) post.

Here’s a look at some of the most stunning dessert ideas we could get our hands on. Eye candy, of sorts, for your eyes to enjoy, and who knows, maybe you can even try your hand at making.

Unicorn macaroons

Unicorn Macarons with bright colors - unicorn ideas


Via Southern Fatty

Strawberry bundt cake

Vanilla Bundt Cake Recipe with Rosewater Buttercream Topped with Edible Flowers

Via A Side of Sweet

Sea blue fondant cake

Aqua Floral Cake by Lulu's Sweet Secrets

Via Luciana Borges

Flower tip cupcakes

Via Sugar and Charm

Flower cake

Blessed Sunday lovelies 💕 . . . . . . . . . . . #trylocalph #whattoeatph #whatstoloveph #yabangpinoy #wiltoncakes #abmlifeissweet #sweettoothforever #buttercreamcakes #cakesofinstagram #cakegram

Via Bakerp

Donut shake

Pin: @Kyrapg ☾ IG : Kyrapg ♕

Via Travelers

Cotton candy smores

Cotton Candy S'mores

Via Sequins In The South

Cotton candy cupcakes

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Via Life Love and Sugar

Raspberry eclairs

Raspberry White Chocolate and Nutella Éclairs | La Pêche Fraîche

Via La Peche Fraiche

Gold flecked macaroons

#Macarons + gold flecks

Via Domino

Jello cake squares

BEAUTIFUL Mousse cubes with white chocolate and strawberries Mamina jela

Via Mami Najela

Meringue raspberry cake

Meringue Christmas tree with whipped coconut cream, raspberries and white chocolate truffles – a spectacular festive dessert!

Via Super Golden Bakes

Unicorn tiered cake

Overloaded Unicorn Cake

Via The Home Bakery

Strawberry jello dessert

Festive and pretty Christmas Jello Dessert is light and yet satisfying while saving calories especially during the holidays when rich foods abound.

Via Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Ice cream mugs

What a lovely serving suggestion! Find yourself coloured tea cups and get scooping.

Via I.Pin.Img

Layered jello cups

Via Glorious Treats

Flower cupcakes

Via Think Outside The Boxx

Ice cream sundae

Ice Cream and Flowers [NOTE: When considered "late", you cannot help but be high-strung. You think it'll happen any minute; as in, a connection or boyfriend. They probably sensed my spastic nature and so sent me to all-female programs as a participant.]

Via Rachel Khoo

Candy shake

Cotton Candy Freak Shake milk shake recipe | idea by Kara's Party Ideas. Ice cream party supplies from Michaels.


Via Kara’s Party Ideas

Banana split

Banana Split More

Via The Daily Meal

Candy melt shakes

Via Aww Sam

Flowered fondant cake

Amazing modern floral cake decoration

Via Sugar and Sparrow

Rainbow shake

Craving those over-the-top Black Tap milkshakes but don't live near NYC? Make your own ultimate milkshake at home with these creative milkshake ideas.

Via My Bluprint

Mini strawberry cake

彩り綺麗! イチゴムースケーキ

Via Cookpad

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