31+ Unicorn Party Ideas For A PERFECT Sparkly Party You’ll Love

If you love sparkles, magic, and lots of color, then throwing a unicorn themed party is pretty much a no-brainer!

And you don’t need to be a party decorating genius to come up with the perfect unicorn party because there are lots and lots of unicorn party ideas out there that you can use for inspiration.

Anything from cakes to balloons to party favors or even cutlery, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas to get you started planning that Instagram worthy unicorn party.

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Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn Popcorn Party Food

Via The Suburban Mom

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn birthday cake

Via Sunshine Parties

Unicorn Flower Backdrop

Unicorn party ideas, Create a beautiful and easy DIY unicorn flower backdrop for party decor!

Via Hello, Wonderful

Gorgeous Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Via Juniper Cakery

Unicorn Mini Trifels

Unicorn party ideas, Fluffy cubes of colorful cake, sprinklelicious Funfetti mousse, and crushed Golden Birthday Cake Oreos! Probably the most magical trifle ever!

Via A Bajillian Recipes

Unicorn DIY Party Banner

unicorn party banner for unicorn party ideas

Via Teal Notes Shop

Unicorn Favors

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn party favors

Via Fun 365

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn cupcakes

Via The Cake Mama

Cotton Candy Unicorn Favors

Unicorn party ideas, cotton candy unicorn favors

Via Crafty Sophie En Friends

Unicorn Cake

univorn 9

Via Foret Blanc Cakes

Unicorn Party Banner

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn party banner

Via Scarlett’s Corner Shop

Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb

Unicorn party ideas, DIY Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bomb – how to make Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino inspired bath bombs with layers of pink, purple and blue. Then topped with icing, sprinkles and a classic green straw.

Via A Pumpkin And A Princess

Unicorn Cutlery

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn cutlery

Via Stesha Party

Rainbow Mousse

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn rainbow mousse

Via Club Crafted

Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn Macarons

Via Rosanna Pancino

Unicorn Horns

Crunchy pretzel sticks wrapped in caramel, coated in white chocolate, and showered in sprinkles! Just 5 easy ingredients!

Via A Bajillion Recipes

Unicorn Frosted Animal Cookies

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn frosted animal cookies

Via Aww Sam

Unicorn Tassel Garland

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn tassel garland

Via The Paper Party Company

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn cake

Via Spoonful Of Butter

Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Macarons, Unicorn party ideas,

Via Sprinkles For Breakfast

Unicorn Favor Jars

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn favor jars

Via These Tiny Treasures

Cotton Candy Party Favors

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn Cotton Candy Party Favors perfect for a birthday or kids craft. Cute DIY unicorn party idea with Nella the Princess Knight printables.

Via Living Locurto

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

Unicorn party ideas, five glasses of champagne topped with pink cotton candy

Via Kirbie Cravings

Pom Pom Key Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn keychain

Via Baker Ross

Cotton Candy Freak Shake

Unicorn party ideas, Cotton Candy Freak Shake milk shake recipe | idea by Kara's Party Ideas. Ice cream party supplies from Michaels.

Via Kara’s Party Ideas

DIY Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn party balloons

Via Balloon Time

Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn party ideas, My Best Homemade Fudge Recipe

Via Sprinkles For Breakfast

Unicorn Wall Decor

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn Party

Via The Suburban Mom

Unicorn Balloons

Via ZZ Party

Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn party ideas, Unicorn Ice Cream is magic on a cone! There's nothing better on a hot day than rainbow ice cream that's covered in star sprinkles and glitter!

Via Bread Booze Bacon

Unicorn Fairy Pom Poms

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn fairy pom poms

Via Simply Nesting

Unicorn Frappe

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn frappe

Via Brooke Lark

Unicorn Party Favor Table

Unicorn party ideas, Vibrant Unicorn Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (10)

Via Press Print Party

DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn dream catcher

Via Hello Wonderful

Unicorn Party Invitation

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn party invitation

Via Mama Inventiva

Unicorn Tags

Unicorn party ideas, unicorn tags

Via Jessie K Designs


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